Puffed Rice and Popcorn Crunch Balls

fullsizeoutput_a68It is that time of the year when you are around friends and family and if you are anywhere not near the beach you might probably be wanting to cozy up with some warm milk and something sweet. Not a gingerbread or a cookie, something crunchy perhaps.

Or you might have children around the house and post their playtime what do you give them. Children, adults and grannies and grand dads are alike in the festive season, looking for a reason for an additional treat.

So this is a really simple thing to make, crunchy, caramel flavoured, a little salty and the hint of cinnamon to make it that much more Christmas-y.

These rice crisp and popcorn crunch balls are quick to make. They involve sugar work so its best to keep children away while preparing.


Puffed Rice and Popcorn Crunch Balls


50gms Popping Corn
50gms Salted Puffed Rice (if you have unsalted ones add a generous pinch of sea salt)
200gms Jaggery
1cup Water
1tsp Cinnamon

  • Pop the popcorn. Take a heavy bottomed pan with a lid. Heat the pan and then when it i s hot add the popping corn. Keep stirring. In a few minutes the popcorn will start to pop. Cover with lid. Once the piping has stopped, remove from the pan. In this way finish popping all the pop corn. You can use the microwavable popcorn as well. But i just wanted to avoid the butter altogether.
  • Boil the jaggery in a pan with 1 cup of water. Once the jaggery starts to boil, start stirring. Boil the jaggery till it reaches hard ball consistency (120 to 130 degree centigrade). Add the cinnamon, rice puffs and pop corn to the mixture.
  • Quickly stir the mixture through and pour over a sheet of parchment paper. Quickly work them into balls, add a little water to your palms if the mixture is too hot.
  • Once these crunch balls are done, store in a jar. They wont last anyway.


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