Food is the first medicine we eat – Yogurt


I have been unwell for these past two weeks, and had no option but to get on a concoction of prescription antibiotics and steroids. And while 2 weeks of the same are done, I have more to go. While symptomatic relief from these pillls happens in some days, I guess we all suffer from queasiness, morbid feeling, absence of stamina, dizziness, change of taste in the mouth, headaches, sluggish constitution and what not. And steroids require that much more nourishment to combat the tremor.

The tremor for me is the worst, so much so that I could not click pictures with a steady hand. But I am better now, thanks to a steady stream of relief and boost coming from the kitchen. So I decided to share with you all that I reached out to; for comfort and panacia from the kitchen.

So here are a series of things which I will update a recipe at a time. Look to these little things, next only after the love and care of the loved ones. Get better and feel better soon.



We do make a mistake of not having enough of this gut friendly food. This should be a part of everyday and help a lot in restoring the health of the gut in times of antibiotic consumption. It helps in decreasing queasiness and aiding digestion.

Probiotic food has become all the rage now, good bacteria is good for the flora and fauna of the gut. We all know that now. But is it so difficult and expensive to procure live culture yogurt.  I don’t think so and most Indians, who have stuck to tradition actually don’t even realise how a simple element is everyday food adds so much good bacteria to the food they eat.

Dahi  or yoghurt to an average Indian is made at home, from a starter from the last batch or if by mistake all of it was consumed fully then from the neighbour, or from the local milk shop. Well what is yoghurt then you will ask?

Milk when left with a suitable catalyst; catalyst being lactic acid bacteria starter and right temperature sours slightly and thickens the milk.  This process takes about 6 to 8 hours.  And so the flavour in the home made yoghurt is better than the store bought tubs. But only slightly thinner.

There is an easy remedy though if you want thick luscious yoghurt.

For better consistency of the final yoghurt, simmer the milk for about 20 minutes, the milk thickness slightly and then sets very wobbly well.

And if you are looking for greek yoghurt consistency , then just hang this yoghurt in a cheese cloth for about an hour. This will drain the excess whey and leave you with creamy greek yoghurt. And if you forget that you had the yoghurt hanging in a cheese cloth for half a day or so, then you will be left with labneh. Simple


1kg            lukewarm milk
1tsp          stale yogurt

1. Add the stale yogurt to a glass bowl. Ensure this bowl is placed in the exact place you want the yogurt to stand. As the lactic bacteria does not like disturbance, it is best to leave the bowl undisturbed
2. Gently pour the lukewarm milk over it. Cover and allow to rest. If its winter time, then wrap an old blanket around this bowl and keep in a warm place for 8 hours.
3. Once set. Allow to rest in the fridge.