That Bottle of Bubbly


It lies there in your fridge, as if it were an asset you were holding a long position on, or waiting in the chiller for that one deal that you will crack, for that day when you will propose to him, tell him that you are all I ever wanted and more. Its waiting for your 35th birthday and that birthday is long gone but that bottle is still there, waiting for its opportune moment; to be popped or sabered. An anniversary of the parents that might become special simply by popping the cork. That bottle of bubbly which represents desire to celebrate and make eternally memorable a day or a moment in our life.

Its the month of February and the multitude of mush tends to get onto the nerves. But ever wondered why did they choose this month, February. Probably because it is the shortest month in the year, it is a reminder of how life is short and fragile, how we have a finite amount of time and probably that is the reason why February is the chosen one, the chosen month for everything remotely celebrated about love.

So why not use this bottle of bubbly; not to make special days count but to make mundane special, for that is true celebration of life, of living and a way to make the shortest month in the year the longest. Raise your glasses to love (requited or not), to the ability to love and to life that throws on us an opportunity to love.

“Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,
Old Time is still a-flying;
And this same flower that smiles today
To-morrow will be dying.”


I too have had a bottle of bubbly lying with me, but I still did not have the heart to open that specific bottle, but since Roses and Strawberries are both abound, I thought of putting them together for a great cocktail with another bottle of Prosecco; light and bright for an afternoon, and dark and mysterious for an evening. Muddled and sieved pulp of ruby red strawberries, with a splash of rose water lends to this cocktail a hint of The Mediterranean.

Ruby Red Bubbles
250gms strawberries
3tbsp rose water
1bottle bubbly (champagne, prosecco, brut)

      1. Puree the strawberries. Hull and chop the strawberries. Blitz them through a blender. Pass them through a very fine sieve.
      2. Add the rose water. Add rose water to the strawberry puree and stir.
      3. Portion the puree into 6 champagne flutes or saucers
      4. Pour over the bubbly just before serving.
      5. Clink glasses.


P.S. –

Watch: Take a moment to sit through a great movie and sip this cocktail for some me time and me love
500 days of summer – if you want to believe that love is meant to be for everyone
Before sunrise – sweet cakes and milk shakes.
Reader – if you want to see how love can affect and afflict and affect again
Newsroom – I highly recommend this series known for this viral video but also for its heart warming portrayal of passion for a cause and of undying love and I will be binge watching MacKenzie McHale and Will MacAvoy, Sloan Sabbath and Don Keefer and Jim Harper and Maggie Jordan

Listen: I  am currently listening to (on loop)
The Smiths (inspired by 500 days of Summer) Please please please –
La La Land Soundtrack – The theme of this movie is what dreams are made of and my favourite is City of Stars –

Read –
Blog: I am a big fan of this blog
The Rosie Project
Jane Eyre

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